Screenwriting & Character Development Step-by-Step Scripts

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    Screenwriting & Character Development: Step-by-Step Scripts
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    Write Screenplay Characters with Ease. Character Screenwriting for Beginners. Start Your Script Writing Course Today!
    What you'll learn
    2 Character Screenwriting Courses in 1!
    COURSE 1: How to Write a Screenplay
    COURSE 2: Character Development
    Writing Screenplay Characters Was Never Easier Thanks to This Collection, Enroll Now!
    All you need for "Screenwriting & Character Development: Step-by-Step Scripts" is a desire to write great screenplay characters!
    - Character Screenwriting Course 1: How to Write a Screenplay
    Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Publishing Screenplays
    Whether you've got a completed script, or need help off the starting-blocks, getting a Screenplay formatted correctly to catch the eye of producers is no easy task. A little, professional advice goes a long way, and How to Write a Screenplay delivers large, for those with big screen aspirations!
    What You'll Learn:
    Physical Formatting
    Screenplay Formats
    Action Elements
    Writing Dialogue
    Parenthetical Information
    Transition Elements
    Types of Drama & How to Format for Them
    Number of Pages Expected for Each Act
    Narrative Structure
    Example formatting for Multicamera Sitcoms
    Top 5 Tips for Writing Stronger Characters
    Creating a Rough Draft
    Editing a Screenplay
    Expert Tips for Success
    - Character Screenwriting Course 2: Character Development
    Need to Breathe Life into Your Characters?
    You may have a great story but if your characters are flat and uninteresting your audience will find your story dull. If your lead protagonist isn't generating empathy, then no one cares what happens to them. Character Development covers every aspect of character building; from developing charismatic and believable people, to making sure they work holistically to drive the narrative forward in realistic ways.
    What You'll Learn:
    The Main 12 Character Types
    176 Questions to Consider While Creating Characters
    Every Aspect of Character Building
    How Characters are Presented & Revealed
    How to Bring Your Character to Life
    Creating Expression
    What Makes a Character Great
    You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn more about screenwriting & character development. So, don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and Enroll Now!
    Who this course is for:
    "Screenwriting & Character Development: Step-by-Step Scripts" is open to all aspiring screenwriters.


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