Problem Based Urology

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    Problem Based Urology by Paolo Gontero, Roger S. Kirby and Culley C. Carson III
    English | ISBN: 1447146336 | 2013 | PDF | 234 pages | 3,1 MB

    This short, pithy book? addressed to primary care physicians, will also be invaluable to those studying urology, prior to taking any professional exam. Urological problems are so common as to represent a significant burden for many care physicians and GPs in their everyday practice worldwide.
    A major concern is how far to go themselves in the diagnosis and treatment of a urological diseases and when to refer the patient for specialist care. Problem Based Urology will provide an easy and user friendly tool to help in decision making on the main urological problems and the most appropriate timing for referral to specialist care. Within each chapter, one or more flow charts will help the reader, step-by-step, to formulate the most likely diagnosis on the basis of findings from medical history, examination and investigations and to start an appropriate first line treatment or to refer the patient to the specialist where appropriate. Each step of the flow chart will be explained in legends consecutively numbered at the bottom of the flow chart diagram. Besides, each chapter will be enriched with tables reporting the most common diseases to be accounted in the differential diagnosis, treatment choices manageable by the primary care physician or GP.

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