Murder Me, Murder You (1983) DVDRip x264

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    Murder Me, Murder You 1983 DVDRip x264

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    Title: Murder Me, Murder You (1983)
    Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery
    Rating: 7.1 (219 votes)
    Rated: NOT RATED
    Director: Gary Nelson
    Writer: Mickey Spillane (character), Bill Stratton
    Cast: Stacy Keach, Tanya Roberts, Don Stroud, Delta Burke

    Storyline: Hammer is called before a Grand Jury by the only girl he ever proposed to, Chris Jameson. She wants him to protect her as she is to testify in a case against the Vance Helicopter Company for selling secrets to countries on the banned list. Chris also tells Hammer that he has a daughter, Michelle. When Chris is murder in the Grand Jury room Hammer is determined to find her killers and his daughter. There is a twist when Jack Vance tries to hire Hammer, and another one when he finds out his daughter appears to have been a porn star. However, his daughter has disappeared. There are more twists and turns before Hammer brings the case to a conclusion.
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