Rise YogaStyles


We all come to yoga for different reasons, and whether it be to destress, energise, tone and improve fitness, or connect with others, our range of styles and friendly community offers all of these and more. 


Mindful hot practice, the studio is heated to 37 degrees. A strong, slower style of flow – allowing you to stretch, sweat and detoxify, leaving you glowing inside and out. Suitable for beginners to advanced!


Power flow is a Vinyasa (‘breath with movement’) style of yoga. You move with the breath, as you practise a strong and powerful form of yoga encouraging presence, alignment, and connectivity. Practised in 28-30 degree room temperature, suitable for all levels beginner to advanced. A more fast paced class, which energises and nourishes.


A beautiful complement to the more yang styles of yoga at Rise, our Yin classes are restorative, melting away tension through longer held postures, working on the fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and joints of the body, and teaching the essence of surrender. Practised in room temperature 25-28 degrees, suitable for all students.


We have revamped our Core Power classes to bring you a more full-body strength workout. In this class we use props (handweights, blocks, chi balls) to work with an all-over-body workout, and a fabulous platform to launch your yoga practice to the next level. Suitable for all levels, fabulous for athletes wanting to focus on core and general conditioning.


Our Sunday evening Yin class is 90 mins with a meditation at the end, which will leave you feeling clear and grounded to begin your week. Our studio is always open 30 mins prior to each class, a perfect time to meditate or relax away from the rush of your day.


Whether you are a beginner to yoga, or are a seasoned practitioner, we recommend that everyone attends our Slow Flow classes are perfect for you to refine your alignment and technique. This slow practice gives you the time to mentally engage with the body, as it moves through a series.